Seed of the Week: Pineapple Seeds

It is not surprising that no one recognized our mystery seeds from last week, because they came from a plant that isn’t known for its seeds:  the pineapple, Ananas comosus.


I was more than a bit surprised when I cut into a pineapple from the grocery store and there were seeds!


With a little research, it turns out that according to this article at Purdue, pineapples can produce seeds. They are used in breeding of new varieties and generally result from hand pollination. The seeds are apparently hard to germinate, which is why the commercial plants are usually propagated vegetatively.


Probably you have seen instructions for starting new pineapple plants from the tops of pineapple fruit. Our family cut off the fruit part and suspended the top in water (as shown here).


Pineapples are a type of bromeliad that grows naturally in tropical conditions. They don’t really enjoy our dry climate in Arizona.


Still, maybe someday it will flower and produce fruit.

If you are curious what the flowers look like and how pineapples are grown, the video from Dole pineapple shows more.

Have you ever found seeds in a pineapple? Have you ever grown one from a top?


  1. Don

    I have grown seeds from pineapples. So far non fruiting yet as it is only about 2 years since the seeds have germinated. The plants are growing slowly but nicely.

  2. Roberta

    Thanks for letting us know. Ours are also growing slowly.

  3. rachel

    that’s really cool, It’s possible to find people online who mention germinating pineapple seed, but they stop talking about it growing after a few months so I’ve always wondered if they’ve had any luck past it being a tiny tiny seedling.
    I’ve got a few little 2 month old seedlings, one is doing very well and a few more seeds are sprouting.
    in NZ the tops of imported pineapples are removed to stop the spread of weeds that hide in the crown, so if you want a top you have to find a local grower, which is difficult but possible. As a bonus it means I also got a few slips attached to the fruit, it took a few weeks but now I have a few rooting crowns and slips

  4. Me

    Well, here I am, another find of pineapple seeds. Never saw them before until today in my fresh pineapple. Del Monte Gold – Extra Sweet Pineapple product of Costa Rica. Never bought a Del Monte before, but that’s all they had. Will have to find a Dole somewhere now.

  5. Pam Hanks

    I found ur site and am relieved. I thot maybe the little pod things were insect eggs as they look so similar to the Boweevil thats in flour. Now I know its not and have saved about 4 seeds. How do I start them to sprout? Thanks

  6. Roberta

    You can germinate pineapple seeds like most other seeds. I usually start them on moist paper towels in a zip-loc or on a paper plate with plastic wrap over it. Once you see the seed begin to sprout, transfer carefully to a pot filled with potting soil and keep watered. Check my post on seed germination for more details Also, I have seen some You-Tube videos that show how to sprout pineapple seeds, so you might want to search for those. Good luck!

  7. carol

    I started pineapple seeds and they came up in approx. two weeks right now I have 87 baby plants in seperate pots and are growing quite proficentely by feeding them with fish emulation.

  8. Roberta

    Congratulations Carol.

  9. Fide

    Hey guys. How do I extract the pineapple seeds before nursing them?

  10. Roberta

    I cut open the pineapple and picked them out. You can use forceps or the tip of a knife to push them to the surface of the fruit if they are deep in.

  11. Christine

    Can pineapple seeds be saved or do you have to sprout them right after they are harvested?

  12. Roberta

    Most seeds can be saved for at least a short time. Percent germination will decline as the seed ages. It will depend a bit on the conditions you hold them under.

  13. Ben

    I usually grow pineapples from the tops. Then i use the slips and suckers to plant the next generations of fruits. The only issue i see with growing from seeds is that it adds couple more months to the process. Not saying is that bad but it is simpler and takes less time to plant the stalk. Nonetheless, seems like a great project to try. Will definitely try soon.

  14. Neree

    Hi to all 🙂

    Here in Italy pineapples are stung with a incandescent spike in their tops at some point before hitting the market. This, I think, is done on purpose to burn the baby leaves and prevent vegetal propagation.

    Even if rooting occurs the center of the crowns ends up rotting a week or so after they are put in the water.

    I was wondering if this happens in other countries too?

  15. Roberta

    Neree, I’ve never seen that. Anyone else seen something similar?

  16. Jodi

    You have to dry the croen and then root it if u font good chance it will rot

  17. Patrice

    I love planting pineapple from seeds. The germination rate has been low and survival lower, but I had an indoor one that was getting Huge so I gave it to a plant gardener to try to bring to fruit, or at least give it room to grow. Sadly she switched jobs and I never heard how it was doing.

  18. Lee Verrier

    Hi all my pineapple seeds have now sprouted,at what size should I transfer it to compost ?

  19. Roberta

    Congratulations! Sprouting pineapple seeds is not easy.
    They can go into soil as soon as they sprout.

  20. Lee Verrier

    Ok Thankyou I’ll get them in today.

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