It’s May and the saguaro cacti are in full bloom.

saguaro-flower-carpenter-bee-111Although the flowers are open at night, they remain open long enough in the morning for bees and birds to gather their nectar and pollen.

saguaro-flowers-bees-123Both honey bees and carpenter bees are visiting these flowers.

white-winged-dove-on-saguaroThe birds that pollinate the saguaros are white-winged doves. They show up as the cacti begin to flower and stay through the summer fruiting season.

bees-over-saguaro-flowers-456Why didn’t I get any closer photographs?

saguaro-exampleThat might have been a bit difficult, as saguaros can be roughly 50 feet tall when mature. The flowers form at the top.

Have you ever seen a saguaro cactus in bloom?