Mystery Seed of the Week 206


mystery-seeds-206-1These mystery seeds are from a southwestern tree.

mystery-seeds-206-2The seeds are quite large, perhaps as big as the tip of your finger.

mystery-seed-206-podWill the open seed pod will help you decide?

Do you recognize what plant these seeds are from? If you choose to, please leave a comment with your ideas.

New mystery seeds and Seed of the Week answers are posted on Tuesdays.

Edit:  The answer is now posted.


  1. sara

    well, it’s a legume! and whenever I hear southwestern legume I think mesquite, so that’s as far as I think I’m getting today.

  2. Chris. Manning

    Found tree northern phoenix and Anthem in new housing area small tree 3″ around but tight knarly branches almost like a NE pricked bush. If I could plant these about the house who needs Jumping chollas. Lol

  3. Idel Garcia

    This seed is from a Texas Ebony Tree (Ebenopsis ebano). It’s a thorny slow growing evergreen tree.

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