Our mystery seeds from last week were from a cyclamen flower, genus Cyclamen.

cyclamen-flower-1Cyclamens are known for their brightly colored flowers with petals that sweep upwards.

They are grown as houseplants and ornamentals throughout the world, but are native to the regions around the Mediterranean Sea.


cyclamen-plantUsually they are grown from tubers, but the flowers do produce fruit in the form of seed pods that contains brown, sticky seeds.

mystery-seed-203-seed-pod-2The stems of the plant coil in a very unusual way, bringing the seed pods down to the ground. You can see bits of the coiled stem in the photograph above.

There is a better photograph of the seed pods at Wikimedia. Notice the seeds on the ground at the left.

According to what I read, the seeds are often picked up and dispersed by ants.

Have you ever grown cyclamen plants?