As Craig recognized, our mystery seeds from last week were from a camelina plant, Camelina sativa.

mystery-seeds-217These little seeds have been grown since ancient times as a source of oil for lamps. Originally from Europe, camelina is now grown throughout the world.

camelinaCamelina is an annual plant. It is generally grown in the summer in cooler climates, but can be grown in the winter in some areas with milder climates.

camelina-sativa-illus(Public domain illustration by Carl Axel Magnus Lindman)
It has small yellow flowers like other members of the mustard family. The yellow flowers give it another common name:  “gold-of-pleasure.”

Camelina has been receiving some interest from researchers lately as a potential source of biodiesel and also as a source of oils human consumption. We are likely to be seeing more of it grown in the future.

Does camelina grow where you live?