Let’s get back to our science roots this week with an exciting new chemistry experiment book for young kids. Make It Change! (Whiz Kid Science) by Anna Claybourne, and illustrated by Kimberly Scott and Venetia Dean introduces some easy-to-do hands-on chemistry activities that are sure to intrigue and inspire kids.


Rather than coming right out and saying, “This is a chemistry book!” Claybourne instead uses the theme of change to tie the activities together. It works very well, and for those who are ready, the underlying science is there to find.

Are these unique, groundbreaking experiments? No, you will recognize the twelve activities, such as plastic bag ice cream and exploding soda. The difference is the instructions are clear, there are suggestions for troubleshooting, the science behind the activity is revealed and suggestions for extending the activities are included. For example, the exploding soda activity emphasizes that there are gases dissolved in the soda that are released when the candy is added, and asks the question whether crushing the candy before adding it would make it work better. The activities are all clearly presented and consistent.

The illustrations add an element of fun as well as help illuminate the instructions. Colorful photographs draw attention to the related scientific facts included in sidebars.

All in all Make it Change! is a wonderful book to have on hand for a unit on chemistry for elementary-aged kids or to have some weekend science fun. It is just what an educator or parent would want to inspire kids to get excited about science.

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Grade Level: 2 – 4
Series: Whiz Kid Science
Publisher: Raintree (July 1, 2014)
ISBN-10: 1410967468
ISBN-13: 978-1410967466


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