After 220 mystery seeds, it is time to step back and evaluate where we want to go from here. Although seeds are incredibly beautiful and fascinating, frankly it is becoming increasingly difficult to gather new material each week. Therefore, Seed of the Week will be taking a brief sabbatical.

Some options for the future are:

  1. Posting plant-based lessons and activities for kids instead, getting back to our children’s science roots.
  2. Developing a website with all the mystery seeds as thumbnails and links to the answer posts, perhaps arranged via plant families to make it more accessible and useful.
  3. Continue on  posting mystery seeds as before after gathering more materials
  4. Develop collaborations with others interested in botany/gardening/plants to expand into new projects.

Obviously, none of these ideas are mutually exclusive.

If you have any suggestions for what would be useful additions to this series, ideas for collaborations, or have comments about the different options, your input would be greatly appreciated.