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Bug of the Week: Another Rustic Sphinx

The signs were there on the ground under the desert willow tree (frass pellets), and sure enough:

better-rustic-sphinx-caterpillar-222We spotted a large rustic sphinx caterpillar, Manduca rustica.

Looking back, I posted about a similar one on October 31 in 2012.

camouflaged-rustic-sphinx-caterpillarIt is amazing how well the body stripes help camouflage the larva as it hangs amongst the tree leaves.

We were surprised to discover something else related just a few feet away.

rustic-sphinx-moth-side-houseAn adult rustic sphinx drying its wings on the wall!

The adult's wing color helps camouflage it as well. Even on this light colored wall, the light and dark pattern helped hide it in the mottled shade of the nearby leaves.

Have you ever discovered a rustic sphinx? Was it well camouflaged?

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