Mystery Seed of the Week 225

 Sometimes the package is more interesting than what is inside.


Take the seed pod for our mystery plant this week. Isn’t that fascinating?



Inside the pod is quite an intricate structure, as well. The black, lumpy seeds? Not so much.

Do you recognize what plant this seed is from? If you choose to, please leave a comment with your ideas.

(New mystery seeds and Seed of the Week answers are posted on Tuesdays.)



  1. Sarah

    It looks similar to a morning glory seed pod, but maybe a bit smaller. Or could be a different variety of morning glory?
    I love this feature! I’m excited to have just started following your blog!

  2. Anna

    I think I know this seed pod well. I think it’s morning glory. I used to be so fascinated with the papery glass like inner structure. I used to like taking the pods apart.

  3. Roberta


    Welcome! Your blog looks like a great resource for those interested in science and nature as well.

  4. Roberta

    Ah, you are both very close. However, we aren’t supposed to grow true morning glories here in Arizona. There is actually a law against it.

  5. Sarah

    Thanks for taking a look at it. I’m just getting started, but I love writing it. I’m excited to be following your blog as well!
    Too bad you can’t grow morning glories in AZ! I love them! I hope that this seed is at least a similar relation!

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