Our bumpy mystery seeds from last week were from the white campion, Silene latifolia.

white-campion- calyxThe white campion was introduced from Europe and now is a common wildflower, particularly in the Northeast. It generally grows as an annual.

white-campion-calyxIt is easily recognized by the swollen calyx of the female flower, which has a pink-purplish tinge.

silene-flower-campionThe flower petals are bright white.

mystery-seed-231-pods-clearThe seed capsule forms from the calyx.

Silene_latifolia-seeds-1(Public domain photograph of mature seeds from Wikimedia.) Inside the seeds are covered with small bulges.

silen-white-campion-plantsThe leaves form opposite pairs along the stems.

White campion is a common flower that is easy to overlook. Does it grow where you live?