Bug of the Week: Green Lacewing Life Cycle

Today’s find is the egg of a green lacewing.

lacewing-egg-croppedLacewing eggs are pretty easy to identify because they are on the end of a hair-like stalk.

A few months ago I found a good example of a lacewing cocoon. Time to make an green lacewing life cycle infographic!

lacewing-life-cycleInfographicGreen lacewings are considered to be beneficial insects because the larvae are predators of scales, whiteflies, aphids, small caterpillars and other potentially pesty insects.

The pupa stage forms within a cocoon that is usually hidden on a branch or twig. The lacewing cocoon may be mistaken for a spider egg case because the silk resembles spider web.

The adults are light green with delicate wings and golden eyes. If disturbed from a leaf they will fly during the day, but are more active at night. The females generally lay their eggs at night.

We’ll probably be seeing more and more of these as our weather warms and the wildflowers start to bloom. Just a few more weeks.


  1. Sarah

    Wow! What a gorgeous find! I’m enjoying all of your Piktocharts too! 🙂

  2. Roberta


    I’m afraid the Piktocharts may be more fun to make than useful. Maybe when I get better at it 🙂

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