Chemistry Week for Kids

Every once in awhile we have a week of related themed posts here at Growing with Science (see for example, Children’s Garden Week and Ocean Science Week.) This week we are excited to pull together a full week chemistry experiments and activities for kids.


Learning about chemistry is important because in many ways it is central to all other fields of science. Anyone who wants to study science will need to understand chemistry.


Chemistry experiments are thrilling for kids because the results usually appear quickly. They can also be performed with common household items or those available at your local pharmacy.

This post will be the Table of Contents for the week, where I will add links as they go live (Some of these may be modified throughout the week).

Monday – Elements, Atoms and Molecules

Tuesday – Using chemicals from plants to study pH (for Seed of the Week)

Wednesday – Easy endothermic and exothermic reactions to explore

Thursday – Chemistry resources for young adults

Friday- Chemistry Experiments for Kids using Table Salt


As always, you are welcome to join in our party. Please share your related links or questions in the comments.


popular-chemistry-books-for-kidsYou may want to visit our list of popular chemistry books for kids for more ideas.


  1. Anna

    I can’t wait to see what activities you suggest. You’re right,kids do enjoy chemistry experiments. The experiments are a nice educational activity to add to nature walks, and playing in the creek for summer camps.

  2. Roberta


    As you suggest, doing chemistry outdoors is perfect. No need to worry about spills, and there are always things around that suggest new experiments.

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