Mystery Seed of the Week 245

This week we don’t have just one, but five Mystery Seeds that will become great butterfly garden plants. The seeds were chosen because they will grow almost anywhere. There are both annuals and perennials. Some we have featured in past mystery seed posts. (Note:  the white object is a grain of rice added for scale).

Make this a child-friendly activity by pulling out some packs of commonly-grown garden flowers and have the children see if the seeds match any of the photographs.

1. Yes, those are seeds from a wildflower and not just bits of wood.


2. Hint: You might see more monarch butterflies if you plant these.


3. These silver beauties are straight from the plant.

mystery-butterfly-garden-seeds-444The last time we featured them, the seeds were older and dried out.


4. Tiny, shiny black seeds grow into beautifully-colored flowers.


5. We grow these every year and you might, too.


How many do you recognize? If you choose to, please leave a comment with your ideas.

Mystery Seed answers and new Mystery Seeds are posted on Tuesdays. Edit:  The answers are now posted.

Be sure the check the Butterfly Gardening with Children Week links page for more information.



  1. Sarah

    #2 is definitely milkweed! #5 is a marigold or something similar? #4 looks like it could be a type of lily. They all look familiar- I need to better hone my plant seed i.d. 🙂

  2. Roberta


    You are off to a great start.

  3. Craig

    1. Rudbeckia sp.
    2. Asclepias sp.
    3. Zinnia sp.
    4. Apocynum sp.
    5. Myosotis sp.
    6. Tagetes sp.

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