Our mystery seeds last week were from Pacific statice, Limonium sinuatum.

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Pacific statice is usually grown as an annual from seed.

Here in Arizona, we are more likely to see the Limonium perezii, commonly called Perez’s sea lavender.


The flowers still consist of the colored, papery calyx surrounding the white corolla.


For this perennial plant, a spray of flowers grows in a cluster on a stalk well above the leaves (botanically, a “branched panicle”). The stems are more delicate, in contrast to the stems for Pacific statice, which are thicker and have winged side structures.


The broad leaves form a low-growing clump.

 statice-plant-_0173Originally from the Canary Islands, these plants are quite drought tolerant and can withstand Arizona’s intense sun. Perez’s sea lavender plants are frost sensitive, however, and can only be grown as an annual in colder areas.

Statice/sea lavender flowers are prized for their usefulness in cut and dried flower arrangements.

Have you ever grown statice/sea lavender? What has your experience been?