Do you remember our post about butterfly identification for beginners?

At long last, here are the answers to the identification quiz:

1. What family does this black, white and blue butterfly belong to?

Mystery-butterfly-1-identificationThe sharply contrasting colors and wings that are long than wide let us know that this is a member of the family Heliconiidae. These butterflies are commonly called the heliconians. The butterfly in the photograph is a Sara longwing, Heliconius sara.

2. This brown, orange and white butterfly has one unique characteristic found in no other families. What is it?


Can you see the very long nose or snout? This butterfly belongs to the family Libytheidae or snout butterflies.

3. What family does this butterfly belong?


With its white color and somewhat rounded wings, it is a member of the family Pieridae. These butterflies are commonly called whites, sulphurs, and orange-tips.

How did you do? Do you feel more comfortable identifying butterflies now?