Our dainty mystery seeds from last week were from forget-me-nots, Myosotis sp.

forget-me-nots-muir-90Forget-me-nots are “remembered” for their delicate pale blue flowers.

forget-me-nots-muir-087There are a number of different species. Some are annuals, biennials,  and or short-lived perennials. Once established, they also readily re-seed in many areas.

My clearest memories of forget-me-nots are of patches of the cheery blue flowers that were growing along a small creek in the mountains of rural Pennsylvania, where I was visiting with my grandparents. Those plants were probably Myosotis scorpioides, the water or true forget-me-nots. The species was originally from Europe and Asia, but has naturalized throughout much of North America where they tend to concentrate along streams or creeks. In any case, they are part of some of my fondest childhood memories.

What do you remember about forget-me-nots?