10 Favorite Bug Photos from 2015

It is time to look back at some of our favorite Bug of the Week photographs from 2015.

paper-wasp-hunting-058We have an obvious affinity for the Order Hymenoptera (ants, bees, and wasps) around here, starting with this paper wasp hunting for caterpillars.

cuckoo-beeIs it a bee, wasp, or fly? It’s a cuckoo bee!

honey-bee-in-poppy-everWith all the interest in pollinators this year, a photograph of a honey bee is a must.

bee-with-pollen-34We also captured some tiny pollinators at work.

pollen-leg-bee Can you see the packed pollen basket on its hind leg? It is amazing this little bee can even lift off to fly.

lovely-honeypot-ant-replete-8To end the Hymenoptera series, here is a honeypot ant replete, or special worker that stores food for the colony.

green-katydid-on-zinniaNot all the insects we looked at were flashy. This tiny katydid nymph did its best to blend in.

crab-spiderSpeaking of blending in, do you see the crab spider in this photograph?

yellow-crab-spider-closeHere’s a close-up to help you out.

buckeye-butterfly-dbg-4What collection of bug photographs would be complete without a pretty butterfly?

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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  1. Karen Gibson

    I love the katydid picture! Very cool.

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