Remember the dung beetles from Bug of Week a few weeks ago? As luck would have it, another children’s book featuring dung beetles just came across my desk (nominated for the 2015 Cybils award in the Elementary/Middle Grade Nonfiction category.)

Would You Rather…Dine with a Dung Beetle or Lunch with a Maggot?: Pick your answer and learn about bugs!by Camilla de la Bedoyere and illustrated by Mel Howells is a cute picture book that uses a question-and-answer format with a twist.

The text consists of two-page spreads that ask a number of related questions about bugs and their relatives, like the “would you rather dine with a dung beetle or lunch with a maggot?” on the cover. Turning the page, the reader finds answers to the questions, plus many cool facts.

The cartoon illustrations add to the fun. Many show a child interacting with the insect or other creatures, which draws the reader in.

Parents be aware:  This book crosses into the “ewww, gross” territory that is so popular with children of a certain age (and sometimes so unpopular with their parents).

Would You Rather…Dine with a Dung Beetle or Lunch with a Maggot? is both entertaining and educational. Pick up a copy and have some fun with it today!

Age Range: 3 – 5 years
Publisher: QEB Publishing (August 3, 2015)
ISBN-10: 1609928148
ISBN-13: 978-1609928148


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