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Bug of the Week: Insect Alphabet N-Z

Last week we had photographs for insects for A-M, now let's finish the alphabet.

Northern two-striped walkingstick

Oleander aphids

Praying mantis

Queen butterfly

Rustic sphinx moth

Sawfly larva (love that color)

Tarantula hawk

Underwing moth caterpillar

Velvet ant (wasp)


Xylocopa virginica - carpenter bee

Yellow jacket wasp

Zebra butterfly

That wasn't too bad. I only had to resort to scientific names once.

So, now you know your insect ABC's!

5 thoughts on “Bug of the Week: Insect Alphabet N-Z

  1. Cassie Bentley

    You filled out the last half of the alphabet! I love the color of the sawfly larvae.
    I've seen the water-striders. It would be fun to be able to do that and explore a lake.

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