It’s that time of year to reflect, so I’m looking back on my favorite insect photographs of 2018.

Although it is hard to tell, this grasshopper nymph is tiny. It is hiding on a thistle plant.

Maybe it was the year for tiny insects. I also photographed a tiny praying mantis.

Many of the insects were caught feeding on the nectar of flowers, like this ant…

milkweed bug

colorful moth

and syrphid or flower fly.

This plant bug chose to sit on a matching flower.

Butterflies and caterpillars are always popular. This is the caterpillar for a queen butterfly.

Can you guess why this one is called an American snout butterfly?

I was surprised at the number of flies I had photographed this year, especially because I’m not all that fond of flies.

This one had a funny face (I won’t make you look at any more.)

Thank you for visiting Growing With Science this year. Hope you have a wonderful 2019!