Looking for a fast, easy STEAM project for creating insects? Try craft foam shapes!


  • Craft foam shapes (with or without sticky backing) from wherever you purchase arts and crafts supplies
  • Age-appropriate scissors
  • Markers

Have the children select shapes and put them together make insects. Older students may want to cut the shapes and add designs with markers.

Creations can be glued to paper or to a Con-tact paper window (see below).

Optional:  Add the insects to a contact paper window with frame.

Gather for adult to make ahead of time:

  • Clear Con-tact paper (found at hardware store)
  • Foam sheets (art/craft supply)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Using the ruler to make lines, make square or rectangle frames out of foam sheets. Cut them out. Lay the frames on the contact paper (with protective waxy backing still in place) and trace around them. Cut out the contact paper, peel the waxy backing off, and press the contact paper to the frame. Retain the waxy backing and press onto the sticky side again if you are going to transport the frames (keeps them from sticking together).

Apply the insects to the sticky side of the Con-tact paper to make a scene. Add paper, pressed or fresh plant material if desired.

Optional 2:  Read How to Build an Insect by Roberta Gibson and illustrated by Anne Lambelet.