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A few wrap up items this morning:

First, did anyone take up the bathtub buoyancy challenge (to propel a boat across a bathtub without using your hands to touch it or using batteries or electricity)? I'm going to post the results tomorrow, so please let me know and I'll include your results, too. Even if you didn't record your results, let me know if you came up with any ideas.

Secondly, how about the meteor shower on Saturday morning? I went out a few minutes after 6:00 am and even with the glare from Phoenix city lights, I still was able to see some meteors streaking across. Wooo, it was cool! has a nice photograph up right now. I guess you could see quite a show in some areas.

Finally, I find the new year is a time for reflecting on the past year, and for contemplating change for the future. One of my goals for last year was to start a blog, which was successful. Now I would like to make sure I'm doing the best I can for you, the subscriber. If any of you have suggestions for things you'd like to see, topics you'd like covered, or even things that you don't like (like giant spiders), please let me know. I really appreciate your imput. And many thanks to both Lynne and Brooke who left such nice messages in the "About" section.

Happy 2009!