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lacewingI just have to share the beautiful insect I found this morning on my hollyhocks. Look at the rainbow colors in her wings and her shiny golden eyes. She is so delicate and ethereal.

The lacewing is one of the many insects considered to be beneficial that you may find in your yard. Her larvae feed on other insects such as aphids, whiteflies and lacebugs. The larvae are like tiny alligators with curved jaws sticking out in front. If I find one, I'll try to get a picture to add here.


Isn't it interesting that to find out how a certain blog started, you have to travel back in time to the first entry? Instead of beginning at the front or top like a book would, a blog begins at the end.

In any case, with this blog I hope to help others develop an interest in science, regardless of age.

My philosophy is that science is fun. The cliché of a scientist in a laboratory coat bending over a microscope couldn't be further from reality. Science isn't about clothing or equipment, it's about asking questions and exploring our world.

Get ready to explore!