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Periodical Cicada in Pennsylvania

We were just driving in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania near the town of Allenwood when we heard a cacophony outside, apparently coming from the trees. It was loud enough to hear with the car windows rolled up. Then I saw some of the noisy culprits flying in the road. They were large, thumb-sized insects with bright […]

2020 Photo Matching Answers

How did you do with the photo matching quiz from last week? A. Cicada matches the cicada nymph exoskeleton on the tree, G. Cicada nymphs spend one or more years underground before they emerge as adults. This queen butterfly, B, matches it’s caterpillar, H. They both resemble monarchs, which also feed on milkweeds. Monarchs and […]

STEM Preschool Story Time Insect Theme Activities

In another in our series of STEM story times, let’s explore insect-themed books, learning centers, and activities. First I read Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert. The children had a blast looking for insects in the illustrations. They were fully engaged in the story. Check out our growing list of butterfly and moth books for […]

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