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Bug of Week: Cicada Nymph

Here’s a bug you don’t see much this time of year. My son dug up this pea-sized grub when trying to fix an irrigation leak. When it is upside down you can see the beak it uses to feed on tree roots. It is so tiny, that is a bit of acacia flower next to […]

Bug of the Week: Cicada Wasp

The cicadas showed up a week or so late this year. They usually are singing by Father’s Day. But now they are out in full force, buzzing happily. On Monday, I saw my first one of these. Even though it is far away, you can tell it is a big wasp. What does it have […]

Bug of the Week: Cicada Nymph

A few weeks ago in Summer Sounds 1, we saw the adult cicada. If you have cicadas around, you may have found some of these. It is the dried “skin” or exoskeleton of the cicada nymph. Cicada nymphs spend a year or more underground feeding on tree roots. When they are ready to emerge as […]

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