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Bug of the Week: Cicada Hunter Wasp

This wasp might not look that spectacular. Especially while it is drinking nectar from an Arizona grape ivy flower. You might rethink that assessment, however, when you realize this wasp is capable of capturing and carrying away a full grown cicada. Given how large a cicada is, that’s pretty impressive!  

Bug of the Week: Cicada Season

Right in time for Father’s Day, we heard our first cicada singing yesterday. It seems like the local Arizona species of cicadas always start singing the third week of June, or around Father’s Day. They are highly predictable. Of course our annual cicadas aren’t as wondrous as the red-eyed periodical cicadas. (Public domain illustration by […]

Bug of the Week: Cicadas

It must still be summer. Do you know how I can tell? I am still seeing and hearing cicadas! I was able to get very close to this one, even though it was still alive. Really, really close. Can you see its antennae? What about the shiny simple eyes on the top of its head, […]

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