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Cicadas here in the Sonoran desert start singing around Father's Day and can be found throughout the summer. Because they are so abundant, you might not take a second look at them. While out picking blueberries recently, a California woman did notice a cicada and she took a photograph of it. After she uploaded the ...continue reading "Bug of the Week: Cicadas Old and New"


Insects can interfere with exercise. For example, these light-colored objects on the dark bark of a mesquite caught my eye and I had to run home and grab my camera. Do you recognize it? Here, look closer. It's the exoskeleton shed by a cicada turning from a nymph into an adult. Can you see the ...continue reading "Bug of the Week: Cicada Nymph Exoskeletons"

This wasp might not look that spectacular. Especially while it is drinking nectar from an Arizona grape ivy flower. You might rethink that assessment, however, when you realize this wasp is capable of capturing and carrying away a full grown cicada. Given how large a cicada is, that's pretty impressive!