The mystery seeds last week are from an unusual tree called the Moringa, Moringa oleifera.

The Moringa has gotten a lot of attention because it is fast-growing and virtually all parts of the tree are edible. It is grown in tropical areas throughout the world as a source of food for humans and livestock.

Even the leaves are edible.

It has lovely, lacy foliage.

The trees produce large white to yellowish flowers at least once a year.

The seeds form in large pods.

(Photograph by Forest and Kim Starr, downloaded from Wikimedia)

The pods are edible when they are young, about the size of a green bean.

(Photograph by Forest and Kim Starr, downloaded from Wikimedia)

Inside the pods are the triangular seeds with wings. The seed will readily sprout new trees.

Moringa trees are thought to come from Northern India. They do grow in the warm parts of Arizona. In fact, the first two photographs are of a tree in our yard.

Have you ever seen a Moringa tree?

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