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March is a wonderful month for bee watching in the Sonoran Desert.

Seems like every flower has a bee visiting.

Sweat bees seem to like the lemon blossoms.

Penstemons appeal to digger bees.

Fiddleneck (Amsinckia intermedia) is also a favorite.

No, that isn't a bee. Flies like fiddleneck, too.

All these photographs were taken within a half hour in our back yard. The bees are very busy!

Do you have bees flying where you live?


The cacti are blooming this week.

prickly pear flowers

The prickly pears,

prickly pear flowers

are particularly colorful.

agave flowers

The agaves are flowering, too.

cactus flower

I'm not sure what this one is, but it is spectacular. Anyone know?

All these flowers are producing nectar and pollen galore. The insects are busy.

hedgehog cactus flower with bee

cactus flower

Can you find all the arthropods in this picture? I've tried to make it big enough for you to see everything, but let me know if it takes too long to load.


This bug of the week raises more questions than it answers.

solitary bee

It is yellow and black. Is it a flower fly?

solitary bee

Is it a wasp?

solitary bee

A close-up shows it has four wings and a fuzzy body, which makes it a bee.

Now, what kind of bee is it?