Meet A Scientist Monday: Danielle Lee

Ever wonder what it is like to be a graduate student training to be a scientist? How about what it is like to attend a scientific meeting? Danielle Lee at Urban Science Adventures(c) has been posting about her experiences writing a PhD thesis and attending an International meeting in France. It gives you a window into what the pathway to becoming a scientist is like. I wish someone like her had been around when I was a graduate student.

The Science Behind-the-Scenes post  is a good starting point, then take a look around. The newest posts are from the meeting in France. In Live Blogging she describes her field of science, called ethology.

Danielle is also trying to win a trip to Antarctica via blogging. If you are interested in helping her out, stop by her contest site and vote for her. It does require registration to ensure you only vote once. I think it would be wonderful if she won. If she can make us feel like we’re tagging along when she is blogging about France, think what it would be like to hear about her experiences in Antarctica!

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  1. DNLee

    Thanks, Roberta! I’m now in the Netherlands – the Flower capital of the world and will be posting new pictures and accounts soon.

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