This week I’m going to do something a bit different for Meet a Scientist Monday.  I got an e-mail from Laura Willcox, Associate Producer for NOVA/PBS’ webseries “The Secret Life of Scientists.” She says:

Our series, and it’s accompanying blog, is committed to making scientists and their careers as well known as celebrities are in our culture. Like you, we aim to inspire and entertain by featuring some of today’s most dynamic living scientists and science stories. Check out our series here:

…We are currently in the running to win a Webby Award (think the Emmys but for web content!) in the prestigious category of ‘Best Documentary Series.’ We are neck and neck with the reknown (sic) filmmaker David Lynch. We know winning this Webby would mean our series could reach scores and scores of aspiring scientists

We ask that you help us reach this goal by sharing the following link on your blog that will allow science fans to vote for our series:”

Now it is up to you. Take a look at the series. If you like it, consider helping them get publicity by voting. If you follow the link, it will ask you to register. Once you register, an e-mail will be sent to the address you provide. As a heads up, the link provided in the e-mail will take you to the Webby home page. To get back to the voting page, click on “OnLine Film and Video” in the tabs at the top, and then when all the options come up, look for “Documentary:  Series.”

I didn’t find a exact deadline for voting, but it looks the the awards are given out in the first part of June.

Scientists as celebrities? What do you think?