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4 thoughts on “Mystery Seed of the Week 110

  1. Cathy

    I live in Arizona and I keep finding these in my downstairs laundry room! The mystery is how are they getting there? We have one out front, but Is there a certain desert animal (rodent??) that would be bringing them in and - why in the heck are they only in my laundry room?? Any help appreciated!! From - Horrified in Phoenix.

  2. Roberta


    Now that is a mystery. Are they piled -- for example in a corner-- or are they scattered here and there? Scattered might imply a random event, such as tracked in on shoes or dropped out of a pocket. Piled would point more towards an animal storing food. If it is the latter, laundry rooms have plumbing and vents moving through the walls, so you might want to have someone take a peek at those to make sure the holes are tight/well sealed.

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