Bug of the Week: Checkered White Butterfly

It is time for the spring butterflies, like this checkered white.


Although common some years in the Southwest, checkered white butterflies are found throughout the United States, and are thought to move north through the summer.


Here in the desert, the adults visit the seasonal wildflowers for nectar.


(Photograph by Megan McCarty at Wikimedia)

The larvae (caterpillars) have black and yellow spots and speckles. They feed on plants in the mustard family, which are only abundant after sufficient winter rains.

Have you seen any checkered white butterflies yet this year?




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  1. Taylor

    I think butterflies are beauitful. They are so interestin to watch and people say that butterflies sometimes resemble because who have passed away and I believe that also. Butterflies are so pretty and graceful. They just flow through the air. It is unique how they first start out as caterpillars and then change to butterflies. As a caterpillar they are slow and as a butterfly they are fast. It is so cool that throughout their life they get to be two different bugs and see the world in different views. Caterpillars stay on the ground and butterflies fly.

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