Egg Geodes to Study Crystals

geode-101Check out this cool “instructographic.” Sure wish I had time to make all my posts look like this one from Connections Academy.

If you have ever had the opportunity to see a real geode, you know how interesting they are.

Now you can create your own and learn about the formation of crystals. Enjoy!

Eggshell Geodes - Instructographic


Connections Academy – Online School for Grades K–12.

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  1. Charles Snider

    The geode is becoming more and more popular, for education, academics, various clever projects like this one described here,,,,I mean how cool to grow and design your own geode. If you need some “subjects” or geode “models” when you make your own, we have them for you, in natural, untouched and un-dyed colors in shades you won’t believe come from Mother Nature!

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