Mystery Seed of the Week 192: Challenge 1

As a run up to our 200th Mystery Seed, let’s do a few new challenges as a bit of a contest.  The idea of the challenges will be to introduce some real world reasons why someone might need to identify seeds.

For incentives, I’ll put together some prizes for the top three people who win the most points via these challenges, to be revealed on our 200th post. I’m thinking prizes like a children’s book, a print of one of my photographs from the blog, or some seed packets.

Challenge 1.

You are an entomologist who is studying ants. You encounter a harvester ant nest where the ants have piled their discarded food outside the nest entrance.


You need to identify those grayish seeds with the white fringe to find out what plants the harvester ants are using in their environment.

Here’s a closer look at the seeds:


Hint:  these mystery seeds have been featured on this blog.

Scoring for challenge 1:  1 point for leaving a comment with an idea (one per person, please), 5 points for the first comment with the correct answer. Please use the same name for all the challenges so I can keep track of your points.

Do you recognize what plant these seeds are from? Good luck!

Edit:  This challenge is now closed. The answer is posted at the bottom of challenge 3.

New mystery seeds and Seed of the Week answers are posted on Tuesdays.


  1. Craig

    Encelia farinosa

  2. Roberta

    LS suggests: They look like Gaillardia pulchella

  3. Anna

    I don’t ink it’s right but the seeds remind me of zinnia seeds.

  4. Paul

    Striped sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seeds, birdfeeder food (as well as the excellent black oil sunflower seeds).

  5. Roberta

    Thanks for chiming in Paul.

  6. Roberta

    Challenge 1 is now closed, and the answer is posted at the bottom of challenge 3

    Thanks to everyone who is playing.

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