What are on the zinnias this week?

In just one week a number of insects have “colonized” the zinnias.


Some aphids have come over from the local sunflowers. (Sunflower aphids, Uroleucon helianthicola)


A lacebug has found the leaves. I see those all the time on brittlebush.

Am I worried about these insects on my zinnias? Not really, because along with the plant-feeding insects come the insect-feeding insects.


Look, there’s already an aphid mummy with a parasitic wasp inside.


Although it isn’t the best photo, there’s also a lacewing larva. Lacewing larvae eat insects like aphids and lacebugs in large quantities.

Did you see the katydid last week? It is gone now.

It is interesting and enlightening to observe a small group of plants closely over time.

Any guesses what might show up next week?